Forms and Resources

Please refer the steps and guidance in the Technical Assistance for navigation instructions and steps to complete the Reservation and Disbursement process.

Forms Needed:

  1. Income Calculation Workbook
  2. Certificate of Zero Income 
  3. Household Questionnaire
  4. Deed Restriction (As of January 1, 2020, members are required to use the Deed Restrictions below. Previous versions of these documents will not be accepted.)
  5. Rehab/Repair Worksheet

Resources Available:

  1. Program Guidelines
  2. Definitions and Acronyms
  3. eAdvantage Manual
  4. Income Calculation Guidelines 
  5. Income Limits and Purchase Price Limits
  6. NAHI Household Eligibility & Documentation Requirements
  7. First Time Home Buyer Course Resource
  8. Lien Release or Subordination
Technical Assistance
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