Technical Assistance:Application and Resources


Application and Resources

All sponsors and members must register and complete an AHP application, which can be done through AHP Online.

Manuals and step-by-step guidance are available here.

If you have a User ID from a previous application round, you do not need to create a new one.

Application Steps

  1. Member registers a staff person as authorized AHP user in eAdvantage.
  2. Sponsor registers AHP participants in AHP Online. Lead Contact (sponsor staff): Sponsor may have up to two lead contacts. Input Contact (sponsor staff or consultant): Input contact cannot submit an application for approval.
  3. Sponsor initiates application in AHP Online, associating with the member.
  4. Sponsor’s registered AHP contacts complete and approve the online application.
  5. Member approves online application and submits to FHLB Des Moines.

Additional Resources

More information and resources can be found below:

Sponsors: Sponsor housing organizations

Sponsor AHP homepage

Members: FHLB Des Moines member institutions

Member AHP Homepage