Technical Assistance:Webinars


Explore the on-demand webinars below which are beneficial for both housing sponsor applicants as well as FHLB Des Moines members who want to support housing organizations in their local communities through a Competitive Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant application. If you are new to the AHP application process, we encourage you to watch all three webinars. 

Part 1: 2024 AHP Overview

Our Community Investment team provides an overview of: 

  • Key program information
  • Review examples of approved AHP projects
  • Details around sponsor and member roles
  • Eligibility requirements

Part 2: 2024 AHP Scoring

This webinar walks through each of the seven scoring criteria categories in the Competitive AHP process. 

Part 3: 2024 AHP Feasibility and Post-Award Monitoring

Our Community Investment team will cover: 

  • Discuss timelines of when a projects feasibility is reviewed
  • Learn about required post-award reporting
  • Additional resources