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Thank you for your interest in becoming an FHLB Des Moines member. Institutions eligible for membership include commercial banks, savings and loan associations and savings banks, credit unions, insurance companies and community development financial institutions.

A financial institution may be eligible for membership with FHLB Des Moines provided it meets the following requirements:

Duly Organized: The applicant is duly organized under federal, state or tribal laws.

Subject to Inspection and Regulations: The applicant is subject to inspection and regulation by its appropriate state or federal regulator. Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) must be certified by the CDFI Fund.

Makes Long-term Home Mortgage Loans: The applicant purchases or originates long-term home mortgage loans with a maturity of five or more years. An applicant can also meet this requirement by purchasing and holding mortgage backed securities.

Ten Percent Requirement for Certain Insured Depository Institution Applicants: If applicable, the applicant holds at least 10 percent of its total assets in residential mortgage loans. Certain financial institutions are exempt from this requirement.

Financial Condition Requirement for Depository Institutions and CDFI Credit Unions: The applicant’s financial condition is such that advances may be safely made.

Management History and Home Financing Policy: The institution’s management history and its home financing policy are consistent with sound and economical home financing.

Principal Place of Business: Except as otherwise designated in regulations of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, 12 C.F.R. Part 1263, an institution may be member only of the Bank of the district in which the institution's principal place of business is located. The principal place of business of an institution is the state in which the institution maintains its home office established as such in conformity with the laws under which the institution is organized and from which the institution conducts business operations. A member shall promptly notify us in writing whenever it relocates its principal place of business to another state and we shall inform the Federal Housing Finance Agency in writing of any such relocation.

To request a membership application, please contact Member and Financial Operations. In addition to the application, you will receive detailed instructions, several forms and a checklist. FHLB Des Moines will conduct a review of your financial institution to ensure that general and financial eligibility requirements are met and may contact your institution for additional information. Once all application materials have been submitted and the application deemed complete, you will be notified in writing as to whether or not your membership has been approved.

If your institution has questions regarding the Bank′s membership application process, please contact Member and Financial Operations.

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Continued membership with FHLB Des Moines requires that a member institution follows the eligibility requirements listed above. If a member institution makes changes and is unable to meet these requirements, they must immediately notify FHLB Des Moines. These changes may include, but are not limited to charter relocations, mergers, and acquisitions.

Note: All current eAdvantage administrators should manage user entitlements through eAdvantage, for any authorized personnel and authoritative changes. It is each member institution’s responsibility to notify FHLB Des Moines of any changes.