Collateral Types Available for Pledging

FHLB Des Moines accepts various types of loans and securities as collateral.

All collateral pledged to the Bank is subject to eligibility criteria, restrictions and limitations outlined in the Member Products Policy.

The Bank will not knowingly accept collateral, safekeep any securities or move any funds secured by or linked to the marijuana industry. The Bank will not knowingly provide any funds, wire services or deliver any assets to or from such a business. The Bank reserves the right to cancel, reject or return any transaction that is determined to be related to the marijuana industry. If you have questions, please contact


Eligibility Guidelines
Securities Collateral Available For Pledging
Depository and Insurance Company Members
CDFI Members - Securities Collateral Pledged

Housing Associates - Securities Collateral Pledged


Eligibility Guidelines and Checklists
Loan Collateral Available For Pledging
BBC Forms/Loan Listing Files (Depository Blanket APSA)
Loan Listing Files (Specific APSA)
Listing Required (Blanket APSA)
Delivery Required (Blanket APSA)
Delivery Required (Specific APSA)
Delivery Required (Delivery APSA)
Delivery Required (CDFI Members)
Delivery Required (Housing Associate APSA)
Electronic Signature Modification Guidelines

Electronically signed modifications of wet ink signature promissory notes are acceptable if compliant with the Electronic Signature Modification Guidelines.

Electronic Signature Modification Guidelines
Participation Loans

Loan participations are the contractual sale or sharing of an amortizing whole loan ownership between two or more entities. Participation loans are reported as either retained (the seller’s ownership portion in the loan(s) sold) or purchased (the ownership portion in one or more loans acquired from a seller).

Each individual participation pledged, purchased and retained, must be approved by FHLB Des Moines prior to pledging. When pledging a participation, review the specific collateral type checklists that correspond with the underlying loan and the pledging guidelines below.

Participation Pledging Guidelines

When consent is required to pledge, sale, assign or transfer their participation interest, members must employ a Participation Consent Agreement (PCA), executed by both parties, which serves as proof of consent AND as a waiver of rights of first refusal. The same consent form can be used across all participations between the originating institution and participating institution. We do not allow alterations to the PCA.

Participation Consent Agreement

Email the executed PCA and participation agreement along with the percent purchased/retained, loan number, and collateral type to

Lost or Destroyed Notes

Loans with lost or destroyed original ink signature promissory notes are eligible only if compliant with the Lost Or Destroyed Note Guidelines. A 10% discount to lendable value will be applied. 

Lost or Destroyed Notes Guidelines
Lien Protection Product Guidelines

Members can pledge 1-4 Family Home Equity Mortgage loans (type codes 1414 and 3414) and Home Equity Lines of Credit (type codes 1423 and 1424) up to $250,000 that have lien protection product (LPP) instead of traditional closing title work as collateral.

If a loan with LPP is reviewed during a Member Collateral Verification (MCV), FHLB Des Moines will assess the property's mortgage lien position by public record check.  In the event FHLB Des Moines is not able to assess the property's mortgage lien position, the member will be asked to provide a property report demonstrating the lien position for the subject loan.  If the requisite mortgage lien position is improper or not validated during the MCV, the loan will be deemed ineligible for pledging.

Applicable Type Codes: 1414, 3414, 1423, 1424