Important Notice: Read the official message from FHLBanks about eNotes acceptance.

What is an eNote?

A note executed electronically and stored in an eVault. A scanned image of a wet-ink signature.

Requirements and Guidelines

Using the Understanding eNotes webinar, along with reading the Federal Home Loan Bank's eNotes Requirements and Guidelines, will aid members in preparing to accept pledged eNotes collateral.

Review the Requirements and Guidelines

FHLBanks Message About eNotes

Future Acceptance of eNotes as Collateral within the Federal Home Loan Bank System

As of January 31, 2020

The 11 Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks) are developing a solution that will pave the way for our members to pledge eNotes as eligible collateral. As member‐owned cooperatives, we recognize and understand the value and benefits that eNotes provide, both to our nearly 6,900 member institutions and to the customers they serve.

The FHLBanks have created Electronic Promissory Notes (eNotes) Collateral Acceptance Requirements and Guidelines—a common set of core requirements for accepting eNotes as collateral. These guidelines are based on federal law pertaining to electronic signature transactions, and set forth standards relating to eSignatures, eNote documentation, eClosings, eRegistry requirements, eNote vault requirements, and servicing system requirements.

The FHLBanks have made significant progress in arriving at a System-wide solution for storage of eNotes, and are in the process of finalizing this important milestone. Once this process is complete, the FHLBanks will be able to set a timetable for providing collateral value. However, since each individual FHLBank has its own systems, processes, and policies regarding collateral, implementation timelines will vary.

FHLB Des Moines anticipates being operationally ready to accept eNotes in July 2020.

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