Capital Stock

The Board of Directors has a continuing obligation to review and adjust the Minimum Investment as necessary to ensure that the Bank remains in compliance with its capital requirements.

The Bank shall provide notice to each stockholder of any adjustment to the Minimum Investment and the effective date of any such adjustment at least 15 days prior to the effective date of any such adjustment. All Capital Stock issued is subject to a five year notice of redemption.

FHLB Des Moines Capital Stock is not publicly traded. It can be issued, exchanged, redeemed and repurchased only by the Bank at its stated par value of $100 per share. Members can reference our Capital Plan and any incorporated documents or announcements for further information.

In accordance with its Capital Plan, the Bank issues Capital Stock composed of the following subclasses:

Membership Stock

Stock that a member is required to purchase and hold as a condition of membership in the Bank. At least annually, the Bank calculates each member’s Membership Stock Requirement as a percentage of total assets as of the preceding December 31st. The Bank, in its discretion, may recalculate any member’s Membership Stock Requirement more often than annually if the Bank deems it appropriate.

Activity Based Stock

Stock that a member is required to purchase and hold in order to obtain an advance and to engage in other transactions with the Bank. Each member is required to purchase and maintain Activity Based Stock in an amount equal to its Activity Based Stock Requirement, as calculated by the Bank, as long as the advance or other transaction remains recorded on the Bank’s books and records. The Bank calculates each member’s Activity Based Stock Requirement daily.

Stock Requirements, Redemption and Repurchase

The Bank's Capital Plan contains full details related to stock requirements, redemption and repurchase. If you have questions, please contact Member and Financial Operations.