eAdvantage is FHLB Des Moines secure, online member site where you can conveniently view statements and reports, monitor account balances, advances, capital stock, collateral and safekeeping portfolios.

eAdvantage Hours

Open Closed
Overnight Fed Fund Advances 9:00 AM (CT) 4:00 PM (CT)
Short-Term and Long-Term Advances 9:00 AM (CT) 3:30 PM (CT)
Collateral Pledging and Releasing 24/7* 24/7*
Collateral Processing 7:00 AM (CT) 6:30 PM (CT)
Position Viewing 24/7* 24/7*
Deposit Account Transfer 7:00 AM (CT) 5:00 PM (CT)

BBC, Loan Listings, Securities and Releases can be uploaded 24/7*. Any collateral certified after 6:30 PM (CT) will be processed the next business day between 7:00 AM (CT) and 6:30 PM (CT)

*subject to maintenance windows (see description below)

Overnight Fed Fund Advances

May be requested by contacting the Money Desk until 4:30 PM (CT).

Maintenance Windows

eAdvantage has two daily maintenance windows from 8:00 PM (CT) - 8:30 PM (CT) and 6:30 AM (CT) - 7:00 AM (CT). The system may also undergo occasional longer maintenance windows for system updates on weekends and at the Bank’s discretion. eAdvantage may be unavailable during these times and users may receive an "eAdvantage is currently offline" notification.

Reporting-Only Mode

eAdvantage goes into Reporting-Only Mode at the start of the first maintenance window (8:00 PM CT) and back into Full Availability at 7:00 AM (CT). This means information is in a "read only" state and the user will be unable to receive responses from the Bank until the next business day. Advance Transactions and Account Transfers will not be allowed during reporting-only hours.

Online Advances

Members can use eAdvantage to book most types of advances with terms from overnight to less than five years. There is no limit on the number of total advances that can be reserved through eAdvantage; however, there is an aggregate daily limit of less than $15 million.

Online Transaction Security

To ensure only authorized personnel are initiating advance transactions within eAdvantage, additional verification is required. Learn more »

Email Notifications

Each institution can receive an email notification each time an advance is processed. This email notification is sent to a list of individuals that the User Administrator has specified. This notification will be sent for all advances regardless of how they are requested (through eAdvantage or by phone). Please follow the steps below to setup advance email notifications for your institution.

  1. From the eAdvantage homepage, click on the “Confirmations & Notifications” link on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Click on “Setup Advance Email Notifications.” This will take you to an interface for adding and deleting email addresses from your mailing list.
  3. To add an email address, type it in and then click on the “Add New Address” button.
  4. When you're finished, click on the “Return to Confirmations & Notifications” link to return to the confirmations page.

To Remove or Add a User Administrator

eAdvantage is a private, secure site that requires members to have a user ID and password. New members must complete the eAdvantage Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement in order to gain access to the secure system. Each member assigns a minimum of two individuals to be administrators by completing the eAdvantage Administrator Form.

eAdvantage administrators control access to eAdvantage by adding and deleting users for their member institution. Members that want to add or remove a new user Administrator and have an eAdvantage Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement on file with FHLB Des Moines only need to complete the eAdvantage Administrator Form.

If you have questions regarding the eAdvantage Administrator process, please contact mfs-membership@fhlbdm.com or 800.544.3452 ext. 2222.

For Technical Assistance

Contact the Service Desk with questions or for assistance with technical issues.