Community Development Financial Institutions

(Non-Credit Union CDFI’s must hold at least five percent of its total assets in residential home loans, residential mortgage-backed securities, or other mortgage-related assets)

Required Agreements and Forms

Required Documentation for all applicants

  • Most recent audited financial statements and management letter; or board of director’s examination prepared by certified public accountant
  • Copy of articles of incorporation, bylaws or charter
  • Copy of applicant’s residential mortgage lending policy
  • Most recent quarterly filing statement as well as the three most recent year-end statements
  • Copy of CDFI Fund Certificate (If older than three years, also submit a written statement attesting that there have been no material events or occurrences since the date of the certification that would adversely affect your institution’s strategic direction, mission or business operations).
  • Home Financing Policy
    • Investment in mortgage-related assets
    • Adheres to Fair Lending laws and practices
    • Originates Mortgage Loans (may include the amount of mortgage loans originated as of the most recent quarter-end)
    • Purchases Mortgage Loans and mortgage-related assets (may include the amount of mortgage loans and residential mortgage-backed securities purchased [and held] as of the most recent quarter end)
    • Supports Community Development and/or Affordable Housing (provide a brief statement regarding how your institution supports community development [i.e. your community] and/or affordable housing [i.e. does your institution have any programs specifically for first-time home buyers from low to moderate incomes? Do you offer any home-buyer programs to support veterans or other underserved groups? Does your institution donate to causes that directly support your community, etc.?

Additional Required Documentation for applicants that have consolidated with another institution within the last three years

  • All regulatory financial reports that the applicant has filed as a consolidated entity
  • Pro forma combined financial statements for those quarters for which actual combined regulatory financial reports are unavailable (most recent six quarters and three calendar year-ends)

Additional Required Documentation for applicants that have ever been a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank System

  • Attach a separate sheet describing withdrawal (i.e. number of years and FHLB Bank institution was affiliated with)

Optional Forms

  • Emergency Source of Funding: Allows you to receive funding from FHLB Pittsburgh if FHLB Des Moines is inoperable due to a disaster.
  • Delivery of Advances Proceeds: Allows member to designate a separate account (either Fed account or correspondent account) to receive automatically (by wire) proceeds up to the amount of the advance, members take down with FHLB Des Moines.

Step 3: Submit
Please send all completed documents to