Banks and Thrifts

Required Agreements and Forms

Required Documentation for all applicants

  • Most recent audited financial statements and management letter; or board of director’s examination prepared by certified public accountant
  • Copy of articles of incorporation, bylaws or charter
  • Copy of residential mortgage lending policy

  • Additional Required Documentation for applicants that have consolidated with another institution within the last three years
  • All regulatory financial reports that the applicant has filed as a consolidated entity
  • Pro forma combined financial statements for those quarters for which actual combined regulatory financial reports are unavailable (most recent six quarters and three calendar year-ends)
  • Home financing policy requirement: A recently consolidated applicant that has not received its first CRA performance evaluation should provide a written justification of how and why the applicant’s home financing credit policy and lending practices will meet the credit needs of its community

  • Additional Required Documentation for applicants that have ever been a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank System
  • Attach a separate sheet describing withdrawal (i.e. number of years and FHLB Bank institution was affiliated with)

Optional Forms

  • Emergency Source of Funding: Allows you to receive funding from FHLB Pittsburgh if FHLB Des Moines is inoperable due to a disaster.
  • Delivery of Advances Proceeds Allows member to designate a separate account (either Fed account or correspondent account) to receive automatically (by wire) proceeds up to the amount of the advance, members take down with FHLB Des Moines.

Step 3: Submit
Please send all completed documents to