Dividend Benefits

How does our dividend impact your funding?  Our Dividend Calculator can help you evaluate your opportunity. 

The economic benefit of the dividend is often overlooked when evaluating the true cost of an FHLB Des Moines advance. Our easy to use Dividend Calculator helps illustrate the value of the dividend.

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Here are a few others things to keep in mind when thinking about our dividend.

Except as otherwise provided within the Bank’s Capital Plan or by regulation or statute, the Bank’s board of directors has sole discretion to determine the amount, form, frequency and timing of dividend payments for each subclass of Capital Stock. Our board of directors may declare different dividends for each subclass of Capital Stock. There is currently two subclasses of Capital Stock: Membership Stock and Activity Stock. Dividend payments may be made in the form of cash, additional shares of Capital Stock or a combination of both as determined by the Bank′s board. Unless the board of directors declares otherwise, dividends are non-cumulative.

Dividends may only be paid from current earnings or previously retained earnings. The board of directors may not declare or pay any dividends if the Bank is not in compliance with its capital requirements or, if after paying the dividend, the Bank would not be in compliance with its capital requirements.

Each member will be entitled to receive dividends on Capital Stock held during the applicable dividend period for the period of time the member owned the Capital Stock. The Bank pays dividends on Capital Stock as long as it is issued and outstanding, regardless of whether a member has provided a Notice of Redemption or Notice of Withdrawal or a stockholder has terminated membership for any reason.

Members can reference our Capital Plan and our Dividend History to learn more.


If you have any questions about the tool or our dividend make sure to reach out to your Relationship Manager or our Strategies Team