Strategies and Tools to Maximize Performance and Manage Risk

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Every loan and deposit decision your financial institution makes has a ripple effect throughout the organization.

Sound balance sheet management and funding strategies play a critical role in achieving the balance you need to make the loans your customers want and provide safe, rewarding deposit opportunities. We can help you with both through our Strategies Team and their tools.

Strategies Intro

Strategies Intro

Introducing Member Strategies

Our Member Strategies Team is available as a complementary extension of your institution, delivering in-depth, unbiased analysis and options to your management team. Their hands-on expertise and real-world experience provide you a strong partnership to help you grow and prosper.


What Tools do We Have to Offer?

Marginal Cost of Funds

In an environment where deposit shortfalls are common, it’s important to know the true cost of that deposit campaign you’re considering. As part of the process, we can also help educate your internal team, from the ALCO committee to the Board, and help you truly understand your funding options.

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Marginal Cost of Funds Video

Marginal Cost of Funds Video

Standby Letter of Credit Analysis

What is the impact of securing a portion of outstanding Public Unit Deposits with a Standby Letter of Credit? We can deliver customized scenarios and analysis to help you maximize the liquidity and income outcomes for your institution.

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The Letter of Credit Opportunity Webinar 2023

The Letter of Credit Opportunity Webinar 2023

Dividend Benefit

What’s the true economic value of the FHLB Des Moines dividend? What rate should you be using to compare the true cost of potential funding sources? Our dividend calculator provides you a specific answer and a foundation for optimum decision-making.

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Blended Funding Model

How do you manage risk for long-term loans? Our Blended Funding Model can help you explore multiple funding scenarios to reach the best solution for your institution. For example, you can explore the possibility of matching the cash flows of long-term loans with a blend of your deposits and advances from us.

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Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Tool

Developed by our Strategies Team, you now have an easy way to say “what if” with fixed versus variable rates and short-term versus long-term advances.

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These are just a few of the readily available tools and resources provided by our Strategies Team. Please do not hesitate to reach out the Strategies Team or your Relationship Manager if you have any questions about these tools or the additional services that are available to you and your institution.


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