Letters of Credit Analysis

Explore the Standby Letter of Credit opportunity. FHLB Des Moines can provide customized scenarios and analysis for your institution.

If your financial institution is currently securing your public unit deposits by pledging securities, we invite you to analyze the Standby Letter of Credit (LOC) opportunity for your unique scenario.

Simply complete the form to indicate your institution is interested in running this analysis and your Relationship Manager will work with you to assess the impact on liquidity, income and efficiency by securing a portion of outstanding public unit deposits with an FHLB Des Moines Standby LOC.

Other LOC Resources

An example of this analysis and calculation is included in a recent webinar.

You can also read more about this example in our recent Whitepaper.

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Please contact your Relationship Manager or our Strategies Team for any questions related to the tool, or Letters of Credit in general.

LOC Example

LOC Report

Here is an example of what you can expect from the Strategies team.