Advance Transactions Guide

last updated on Friday, July 16, 2021 in Advances

Initiating a new Advance

So you're ready to take out an Advance? Here's how to get started. 

When can an Advance be initiated? 

Where can Advances be initiated?

  • Advances <$15 million and less than five year term can be completed on eAdvantage
    • Guide to eAdvantage walks through steps for initiating, entering advance information and processing wire transfer of funds.
  • Call the Money Desk 800.544.3452 ext. 2122 or email them

Interest Billing

Billing will depend on the type of advance and term to maturity (view billing details for all Advance products in our Advance Products Guide)

  • View payment schedules on your eAdvantage account under Line of Business > Advances > Category

Line of Business

  • Overnight interest is charged daily on the previous day's ending balance. The amount will be posted to the account the next business day. 
    • These funds are rolled indefinitely until a member initiates the repayment date resulting in daily accrued interest. 
    • Accrued interest appears under "Next Interest Payment" under Advance Details. 
  • Information is available on eAdvantage at the beginning of the next business day 
    • Next Interest Payment amount + date due is available under Advance Details on eAdvantage. 
  • Payment for interest billing is withdrawn from Demand Deposit Account (DDA)
    • Note: not having enough funds in your DDA will result in overdraft fees. 

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Advance Maturity 

Make sure to keep these things in mind when managing your Advances to avoid unnecessary fees and headaches.

  • Funds for principal and final interest payment are debited from the DDA on the morning of the maturity date

  • Activity Stock amount is repaid to member and deposited into your DDA in the overnight process. Excess Activity Stock can be included in the EOD balance.

    • Example: If you have $1,000,000.00 maturing, you can send a net wire of $955,000 and use the $45,000 in excess stock to cover the remaining amount due.

How to Avoid Overdraft Fees 

Remember to be vigilant about monitoring your DDA. All active Advances display their next interest payment on eAdvantage. You can also always view payment schedules for Advance products on eAdvantage.


If you have any additional questions about Advances, please contact the Money Desk.


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