Application and Forms

To obtain a Community Investment Advance a Request for Funds form must be submitted that identifies qualified lending or investment activity by the member. An advance equal to the funded amount of the loan or investment may be obtained, up to the member limit.  The Request form must be signed by an authorized representative of the member who will certify that the information provided to qualify for the advance is true and correct. Fax the completed Request form to the FHLB Des Moines at 515.699.1270.  Please allow at least 24 hours for processing.  Members will be contacted when the advance is approved.  Contact the Community Investment Department for additional assistance.

Please use the forms below to submit a request for funds.

Residential Lending Advance Request for Funds Form

May be used for loans that support residential owner-occupied or rental projects. See Residential Lending Advances for more information.

Residential Lending Advance Request

Residential Lending Advance Request

Commercial Lending Advance Request for Funds Form

May be used for economic development projects including commercial and agricultural loans. See Commercial Lending Advances for more information.

Commercial Lending Advance Request

Commercial Lending Advance Request

Qualifying an Advance Request

Instruction for qualifying loans to obtain an advance, and information requirements for eligible loans, is included in each of the Request forms. Utilize the project description box on the Request forms, or attach the applicable Loan Documentation Spreadsheets provided below, to describe the loans that will be used to qualify the advance request.

Loan Documentation Spreadsheets

Loan Documentation Spreadsheet Target Area - for residential or commercial loans
Loan Documentation Spreadsheet Target Income - for residential loans
Loan Documentation Spreadsheet Small Business Lending - for commercial loans

For some loans, additional information may be required, as described in the Request forms.

Important: The standard requirements of FHLB Des Moines credit and collateral policies apply. In addition, an approved Request for Funds is not a reservation of funds. Applications are funded on a “first-come, first-served” basis, subject to the availability of funds. A Request for Funds does not provide a rate-lock or reservation of an advance rate. Rates are determined at the time of the advance.