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A low cost source of funds for loans in your community.

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For members of FHLB Des Moines, meeting the credit needs of their local community is being a good neighbor and is also good business. Housing and economic development projects are vital to the health of a community.

Members can use a Community Investment Advance to support these projects. Members are provided long term fixed rate advances at lower rates for eligible residential and commercial loans. The standard requirements of FHLB Des Moines credit and collateral policies apply to these special advances.

FHLB Des Moines members are provided a Community Investment Advance limit of $10 million effective January 1, 2017. This limit is reduced by the outstanding balance of member Community Investment Advances. These limits are subject to program limits for the Commercial Lending Advance or Residential Lending Advance, which are established in the Bank’s Community Lending Plan. Contact the Community Investment Department for assistance in completing an application.     

2019 Community Lending Plan           

Community Investment Advances in Federal Disaster Areas

FHLB Des Moines low-cost Community Investment Advances (CIA) can provide support to communities that have suffered devastating natural disasters. The Bank has special targeting requirements for Community Investment Advances in Federal Disaster Areas. FHLB Des Moines will provide advances for qualifying residential lending or economic development projects through a Residential Lending Advance Request for Funds or a Commercial Lending Advance Request for Funds will qualify if they were originated in a federal disaster area within 18 months of the disaster declaration, and were for repairs or losses related to the disaster. A member must provide a concise project description in the Request for Funds to demonstrate how the loans were used for disaster recovery. On a case-by-case basis, the Bank may waive the Community Investment Advance member limit for qualifying advances. The Bank reserves the right to cap the amount of advances to any single member for use in a federal disaster area. For more information, please contact the Community Investment Department.

Important: The standard requirements of FHLB Des Moines credit and collateral policies apply to all advances. In addition, an approved Request for Funds is not a reservation of funds. Applications are funded on a “first-come, first-served” basis subject to the availability of funds. A Request for Funds does not provide a rate-lock or reservation of an advance rate. Rates are determined at the time of the advance.

Federally Declared Disaster Area

To determine if an area has a Federal Disaster Area designation, specifically listed under a "Major Disaster Declaration," and for more disaster related information, visit the FEMA website.  

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