Habitat for Humanity Advance Application

To obtain a Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) Advance, an application must be submitted that identifies the unpaid principal balance of purchased or originated Habitat mortgages held on the member’s balance sheet. An advance equal to or less than the unpaid principal balance of the mortgage loans provided may be obtained, subject to the limits noted below.

Members may submit multiple Habitat Advance applications subject to the following limits:

  • Minimum: $100,000 per application
  • Maximum: $20 million aggregate Habitat Advance volume per member

The application must be signed by an authorized representative of the member who will certify that the information provided to qualify for the advance is true and correct. It will also require a signature from the partnering Habitat affiliate (CEO, CFO, Executive Director or designee) to certify the population of Habitat mortgages provided is true and correct.

Email the completed application to CommunityInvestment@fhlbdm.com. Please allow at least three business days for processing. Members will be contacted when the advance is approved and they will have 10 business days to call the Money Desk and take down the advance. For assistance, contact the Community Investment Department.

Habitat for Humanity Advance Application Required Attachment*
Word Form Attachment A
PDF Form

*Alternative documentation with equivalent information is acceptable

Important: Habitat Advances are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Bank’s Member Products Policy. Disbursement of advance funds remains subject to the Bank’s normal credit and collateral requirements. In addition, an approved application is not a reservation of funds. Applications are funded on a “first-come, first-served” basis, subject to the availability of funds.