Pledging Loans to Support Longer-Term Needs

last updated on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 in Advances


A FHLB of Des Moines member was approached about making a commercial real estate loan to construct a new convenience store. The owners of the convenience store wanted a longer-term fixed rate loan to finance the construction of this convenience store that would be located on a busy exit off of a major interstate.

Pledging Commercial Real Estate loans are a way for you to increase borrowing capacity to support local businesses or any other longer-term funding needs. You can turn illiquid loan assets into liquidity through a broad menu of collateral options that includes over 50 eligible loan and securities types.


10-year fixed rate loan on a 25-year amortization schedule. The member was initially reluctant to offer a longer term fixed rate loan due to the inherent interest rate risk, but after reviewing several blended funding scenarios with their VP/Relationship Manager, the member decided on an advance product that worked for them.



  • Mitigated interest risk while locking in a good spread.
  • Expand collateral capacity and increase liquidity availability


  • Received a lower-cost loan and built the convenience store


  • Several permanent jobs were created


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