Community Investment Advances: A Perfect Fit with Your Funding Strategy

last updated on Thursday, September 24, 2020 in Advances

Are you fully utilizing your FHLB Des Moines membership with Community Investment Advances (CIAs)? Members are often surprised to learn that these low-cost funds are easier to apply for than they thought because CIAs fit well within the business our members are already doing.

Does your:

  1. Lending portfolio include residential loans, small business loans or agriculture business loans?
  2. Institution lend on a long-term basis and need solutions to manage interest rate risk?
  3. Institution analyze ways to reduce cost of funds in order to provide competitive rates in your communities?

Community Investment Advances

If your institution’s funding strategy includes these three things and you haven’t maximized your $20 million benefit for CIAs, give us a call. CIAs may be the perfect fit for your funding strategy. 



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