Reporting Process

Your Role in Tier 2 Reporting

As a prime contractor for the Bank, we’re requesting your support and participation in amplifying the positive impact of our supplier diversity program through your consideration and increased utilization of minority-, women- and disabled-owned businesses for new or existing contracting opportunities that directly support or benefit a Bank project. As part of this process, we’re requesting that all our prime contractors report spend and contract counts with their diverse and non-diverse subcontractors.

How You Can Report Tier 2 Spend

As a prime contractor, you can report spend with your diverse and non-diverse subcontractors on a quarterly basis. By enhancing our online supplier portal, which is managed by our partner SupplierGATEWAY, the Bank has automated how we request, communicate, gather and consolidate reports from all of our primes providing Tier 2 data.

To learn more about reporting Tier 2 spend to the Bank or if you have questions, please contact our Supplier Diversity team at, refer to our Tier 2 Reporting Guide.

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