Making Big Things Happen from Small Actions: Regional Member Meeting Webinar Series

last updated on Friday, May 15, 2020 in Advances

Since our initial plans for the “in-person” Regional Member Meetings, the world has taken an historic turn. Where the recent economic conditions were already challenging financial institutions on both sides of the balance sheet, we are now faced with a level of uncertainty and revised expectations for this year and beyond.

In this four-part Regional Member Meeting Webinar Series with our friends from Abrigo, we discussed the strategies financial institutions can rely on while navigating the challenges of our current economic environment.

Session 1: Managing Your Balance Sheet in Times of Crisis

To start the series, we look at the recent events and outline several challenges and expectations facing the industry. What actions should you consider as you prepare for future loan loss allowance changes? Liquidity risk is a critical component in any “crisis”. As such, we will discuss the impact of events on issues such as loan repayments, credit line draws, changes to deposit patterns and how these all impact short and intermediate needs.

Session 2: Creating Your Ideal Funding Plan Structure

During this session we focus on the funding needs of the institution. With the stock market volatility, many institutions are reporting inflows of funds in a “flight to safety”. In this session we outline the ideal funding plan structure, and how these events may turn to opportunities for more core deposit growth in the future.

Session 3: Navigating a Flattening Yield Curve During Record Low Rates 

Session 3 switches the focus to the asset side of the balance sheet. Specifically we examine the options facing lenders in a flattened yield curve at record low rates. Do we meet customer demands for long-term, fixed rate assets, or do we pass? How does our ALM reporting indicate our risk levels and what are the right measures to consider?

Session 4: Asset and Funding Strategies

In the last session of this series, we present a combination of asset and funding strategies to show how to evaluate the different options facing your financial institution.

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