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Hello and thank you for joining us for our latest edition of “On the Record”, a special podcast production of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines. This is your host, John Biestman, Senior Relationship Manager.

This month, as FHLB Des Moines is rolling out information on our capabilities aimed at mitigating members' interest rate risk, in addition to our companion podcast “FHLB Des Moines Insider”, which we continue to produce on a monthly basis; we are pleased to continue with this episode of “On the Record”. In this series, we sit down with subject matter experts in such areas as: capital markets, economics, balance sheet management and much more. For this “On the Record” episode, we'll be conversing with our very special guest Don Musso, President and Chief Executive Officer of FinPro.

First, some background on Don. Don founded FinPro, Inc. in 1987. FinPro is a full-service management consulting firm that provides advisory services to financial service firms around the country. FinPro specifically provides advisory services in the areas of strategic planning, asset-liability management, risk management and regulatory consulting.

Don is a frequent speaker at various trade association functions and teaches at the Stonier Graduate School of Banking and the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado along with its affiliate the Executive Development Institute for Community Bankers. He has authored numerous articles and papers on community banking and is frequently quoted in various banking publications. Don is often at the forefront of challenging banking policy. He is a founder of de novo banks and a significant investor in many community banks and has served in board, managerial and advisory roles with all types of financial institutions.

Welcome, Don. Thank you for participating in the FHLB Des Moines “On the Record” podcast. We are very fortunate to hear your views during this pivotal economic time. Our members are facing myriad issues, including: excess liquidity, a changing yield curve that has created questions about interest rate sensitivity, and inflation which now seems to be anything but transitory in many circles.

Among the topic discussed in this episode includes:

  • General economic conditions
  • Areas of regulatory focus
  • Interest rate risk
  • Balance sheet and income strategies
  • Credit environment
  • Capital conditions
  • Technology
  • Industry consolidation


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