Employee Feature: Jamie Tapp

Jamie TappJamie Tapp has been a Collateral Review Analyst with Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines for more than eight years. During his time on the collateral team, he has enjoyed traveling across the district and meeting members at their financial institutions. 

“I am usually happiest when I am able to work at a member’s location,” Jamie said. “I appreciate meeting and working with new people. There is almost always something to be learned on the road if you’re looking.”

While much of Jamie’s day-to-day job involves reviewing loans pledged as collateral, he can also be found scheduling collateral reviews, following up after reviews, or fielding calls from members. Through each aspect of his job, he knows that trust is key. 

“One of the ways I try to foster trust is that I constantly remind myself that my conclusions might be wrong,” Jamie said. “I encourage members to challenge my findings. I have learned that members are much more willing to educate me if I am approachable and I try not to get too attached to my own initial analysis. If I allow myself to be wrong, I am more likely to learn.”

Jamie understands, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, just how important the members he works with each day are to the communities they serve. 

“I have spoken with several members over the last several weeks and they are all working very hard to support their borrowers and communities,” Jamie said. “Many are working at reduced staffing levels. Some are working remotely. All of them are doing their best to assess and meet the needs of their communities during a very difficult and uncertain time.” 

Outside of work, Jamie has a knack for home improvement projects. He also keeps busy with a one-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever who “should achieve Good Dog Status in the next two years.” If you have any training tips or words of encouragement to send Jamie’s way, he will gladly accept them. 

If you’d like to reach Jamie, you may contact him at jtapp@fhlbdm.com