James Livingston

Chief Financial Officer

James Livingston

James Livingston joined FHLB Des Moines in 2023 and is the Bank’s chief financial officer. James oversees the accounting, financial reporting, strategic planning, SOX and capital markets teams (including investing, funding, hedging and pricing).

Prior to the FHLB Des Moines, James held several leadership roles at Zions Bancorporation, National Association (“Zions”), most recently as Executive Vice President, Director of Municipal & Institutional Services.

James has leadership experience in several related areas, including investments, public finance, capital markets and financial research. Prior to joining Zions, he was the Director of Financial Research and Quantitative Strategy for Ziff Brothers Investments. He was also an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Southern Methodist University.

James served on the Board of Directors of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle and continued on the Board of Directors for FHLB Des Moines following the merger in 2015. He was Board Chair from 2020 to 2021.