Step 1: Initiate and Complete the Disbursement

Log into DP Online through eAdvantage. Select the reservation number or homebuyer last name on the “Dashboard” homepage. Please note that disbursement requests can only be submitted for households with a status of “Reservation Request Eligible”.

Once you select the correct homebuyer or Reservation, you will be directed to the Reservation screen to initiate the disbursement request. Hover over the “Initiate” button in the navigation bar near the top of the page and then click “Disbursement”.

A Technical Assistance Guide is available for navigation instructions and steps to complete the Disbursement.

• Note: To gain access to the Disbursement Home screen to complete a previously initiated disbursement, click on the Disbursement ID number in the dashboard.

All of the required steps on the Disbursement Home screen must be completed with a green check mark before clicking “Submit”. Any steps with a red x or yellow check mark must be completed before continuing. The Disbursement is only completed once the “Submit” button on the Disbursement Home screen has been clicked.