Recapture or Subordination

To release a lien once the retention period has ended, or to determine the amount of repayment during the five-year retention period, a title company should work with the Lender named on the Deed Restriction, or the Beneficiary on a Deed of Trust (a retention form not currently in use). For forms which show a Beneficiary instead of a Lender, please work with our Community Investment Department by sending a copy of the recorded Agreement to

Please use these procedures and forms in the event of the sale or refinance of owner-occupied residences assisted with an AHP/Down Payment Program grant.

Procedures and forms are provided for:

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*Forgiveness of repayment: If a borrower sells their home to a low-to-moderate income household, their subsidy does not need to be repaid and the lien may be released. Additionally, subsidy repayment is terminated after any event of foreclosure, transfer by deed in lieu of foreclosure, an assignment of a Federal Housing Administration first mortgage to HUD, or death of the AHP/Down Payment Program assisted homebuyer.