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Being There - Episode 27 Podcast Being There - Episode 27 Episode 27 highlights balance sheet strategies that show the advantages of being mindful of the peaks and troughs of the economic cycle, as well as benefits of implementing a marginal cost culture during a period of rising rates, in addition to some less widely followed indicators. Seeking Alfa - Episode 26 Podcast Seeking Alfa - Episode 26 Episode 26 of The Insider examines forward-funding opportunities along the yield curve, the relationship between market inflation projections and current funding rates, as well as NFT mania. It Just Doesn't Matter - Episode 25 Podcast It Just Doesn't Matter - Episode 25 Episode 25 of The Insider podcast, entitled “It Just Doesn't Matter,” highlights the paradox of the loan-to-deposit ratio, the art of optimizing collateral and ways to avoid balance sheet concentration risk. Beta Omicron - Episode 24 Podcast Beta Omicron - Episode 24 In episode 24 of The Insider, we assess the financial environment and share helpful tips to navigate conditions of uncertainty. On the Record with Don Musso - Episode 3 Podcast On the Record with Don Musso - Episode 3 Don Musso, President and CEO of FinPro, Inc. joins On the Record for a discussion highlighting interest rate and yield curve prospects, timely balance sheet risk management strategies and the long-term future of the financial services industry. Podcast "Aw Shucks" - Episode 23 This month's edition of the The Insider features a discussion of shadow inflation, not needing to wait for expected funding cash flows in order to deploy capital, MPF program price competitiveness and how to hold your institution accountable for maximizing collateral eligi The Evergrande State - Episode 22 Podcast The Evergrande State - Episode 22 Episode 22 highlights the impact of excess liquidity, debt ceiling uncertainty and divergent inflation measures on balance sheet strategies. A Midsummer Night's Meme - Episode 20 Podcast A Midsummer Night's Meme - Episode 20 Notwithstanding the abundance of liquidity in the financial system, seasoned tillers always prepare for a drought. The best time to test for leaks is when the forecast calls for dry weather. The Cup of Pythagoras - Episode 19 Podcast The Cup of Pythagoras - Episode 19 There is an ancient Greek riddle whose modern version goes something like this: “What is the common thread of the acts of eating good food and scratching one's back?” The answer: “Once the action starts, it is difficult to stop.” Fast Forward - Episode 18 Podcast Fast Forward - Episode 18 In Episode 18 of “The Insider”, we discuss ways to address the intersecting issues of excess liquidity and finding ways to lock-in low interest rates using forward-start funding. We also highlight new ways to help optimize collateral and eligible advance capacity. Inflation Conflation - Episode 17 Podcast Inflation Conflation - Episode 17 From liquidity stress testing to low cost funding and retail CD options, we consider a few balance sheet management strategies for the current environment. On the Record with Esther George - Episode 3 (April 15, 2021) Podcast On the Record with Esther George - Episode 3 (April 15, 2021) Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President and CEO Esther George joins FHLB Des Moines President and CEO Kris Williams on this episode of On the Record to discuss a wide-range of industry topics. This episode was published on April 15, 2021.