2019 Community Support Statement

posted on Friday, March 29, 2019 in Business News

FHFA encourages the public to submit comments by May 13, 2019, on the community support performance of Bank members. Each Bank is required to post a notice on its public website and to notify its Advisory Council, nonprofit housing developers, community groups, and other interested parties in its district of the opportunity to submit comments on the community support programs and activities of Bank members, with the name and address of each member subject to community support review. 12 CFR 1290.2(c)(1). In reviewing a member for community support compliance, FHFA will consider any public comments it has received concerning the member. 12 CFR 1290.2(c)(3). To ensure consideration by FHFA, comments concerning the community support performance of members being reviewed in 2019 must be submitted to FHFA, either by electronic mail to hmgcommunitysupportprogram@fhfa.gov, or by fax to 202-649-4308, on or before May 13, 2019. 12 CFR 1290.2(c)(2).