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CEO Newsletter 10/02/2020 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter 10/02/2020 Take a moment to think back to what you were doing in 1990. Many of you may have been starting a career or already had an established career in the financial services industry, and things looked much different at that time. The introduction of Fintech changed the financial landscape dramatically. CEO Newsletter 7/11/2020 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter 7/11/2020 We've seen many things over the last 75+ days, both good and bad and we've felt a range of emotions, some we may never have experienced before. If there's one thing that's remained true throughout this trying time it's that hardship is always easier to navigate with support. CEO Newsletter 4/22/2020 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter 4/22/2020 Hello everyone! I'm excited to be connecting with you through my first ever Letter from the CEO. I'm Kris Williams and I'm thrilled to be your new President and CEO. I was very much looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible but with our current environment, I'll use this letter as a way CEO Newsletter 10/23/19 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter 10/23/19 In early September, the United States Department of the Treasury released its Housing Reform Plan. CEO Newsletter 6/20/19 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter 6/20/19 Like anything in life, the financial services industry is always changing and evolving.  At times it seems that the only constant in the world of finance is change. But like any other institution, we embrace these changes and strive to provide our members with all the information and education they CEO Newsletter - 3/21/2019 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter - 3/21/2019 As is customary for all of my first quarter letters, I'd like to take a deeper dive into 2018 and what it meant for the Bank and its members. I'll address our overall financial performance, key happenings from the past year and we'll end with a link to our Corporate Social Responsibility Report. CEO Newsletter - 12/4/2018 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter - 12/4/2018 In early 2018, many of you took part in a survey aimed at helping us understand how we can more effectively serve our membership. CEO Newsletter - 9/10/2018 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter - 9/10/2018 In today's competitive financial environment, there are a number of avenues that financial institutions can utilize for liquidity and funding. As a financial cooperative, FHLB Des Moines strives to stand apart from the rest. CEO Newsletter - 6/20/2018 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter - 6/20/2018 This year is an exciting one for FHLB Des Moines and our employees! Since last year's flood (nearly one year ago to the day) and subsequent interim relocation, we've worked tirelessly every day to maintain a seamless, unaffected environment for you, our members. CEO Newsletter - 3/12/2018 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter - 3/12/2018 Hello from Des Moines for the first time in 2018! Another year is in full swing here at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines (Bank), and we're all thankful that spring is finally on the horizon (or at least we hope it is). CEO Newsletter - 11/21/2017 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter - 11/21/2017 Fall has nearly come and gone, and winter will be here before we know it. With the threat of arctic temps closer than I'd like to think about, why not find a comfy spot and a hot beverage to curl up with and enjoy the third installment of our quarterly Letter from the CEO! CEO Newsletter - 8/17/2017 Member Announcements CEO Newsletter - 8/17/2017 It's hard to believe we are quickly approaching the end of summer. While the temperatures have become a bit more bearable here in Iowa, I know the same can't be said for other parts of our district!