By joining DiversifyDSM you can play an important role – across our communities, and in our organizations – in enhancing the diversity of the financial services industry in central Iowa.

Mission Vision Purpose
Elevate the financial services industry as an employer of choice for all diverse individuals. Partner with community groups, schools, businesses and non-profits to attract more diverse talent to financial services. Improve inclusion and diversity within financial services.

Our Mission

As a member of our community, you know Des Moines has a lot to offer. As one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest and an unemployment rate among the lowest in the nation, the Des Moines job market is on the rise – which means our community, as well as the financial services industry, is in need of top talent. As an industry, we’re committed to investing in the expansion of our workforce. We need strong, capable leaders to carry our industry forward. By increasing the visibility of our industry – and communicating the vast breadth of career opportunities available – across all industry segments – we know, with your help and support, we can make an impact.

Membership Types & Investments

Membership investment runs from January 1- December 31. A pro-rated investment may be available for members/partners who are interested in joining at other times throughout the year.

Members - Active members of the coalition that drive initiatives and program efforts to increase the diverse representation of the financial services industry.
  • Investment - $1,500 a year
  • The financial investment provided by our members will be utilized to support the coalition’s participation in local or regional community events, career fairs, speaker fees, etc. that would support the achievement of our mission. Member organizations must be principally involved in the financial services industry and select an appointed delegate(s) to serve as an active member of the coalition.
Partners: Community partners or individuals of influence within the community who serve as brand ambassadors for DiversifyDSM.
  • Investment - $250 a year
  • The financial investment provided by our partners will be utilized to support community initiatives that promote the DiversifyDSM brand and story.
Government or State Agencies
  • Investment - Fee waived
  • The membership fee may be waived for government organizations who are unable to pay membership fees to organizations such as DiversifyDSM. Waiver requests will be considered with the organization's application for membership.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Visible CEO engagement and support
  • Participates in coalition meetings and events
  • Supports the expansion of the coalition network through engagement and outreach with existing or potential community partners, sponsors, etc.
  • Leverages personal or corporate networks to generate awareness and understanding of coalition efforts through within the Des Moines community
  • Shares coalition events and activities on social media channels
  • Promotes coalition job opportunities to diverse talent networks
  • Demonstrated passion for the Des Moines community and/or the financial services industry
  • Represents coalition locally, statewide or regionally through professional associations, networks or connections with local or regional community organizations, key leaders and/or residents
  • Assists coalition members in annual strategic planning process
  • Supports planning, facilitation of educational and training activities as well as events
  • Shares coalition events and activities on social media channels
  • Serves as an ambassador for the coalition, providing creditability and supporting the coalition in caring a broader unified message to the Des Moines community

Coalition Benefits

Access to:
  • Community leaders, organizations and C-Suite executives from the top financial service firms in the Des Moines community
  • A series of yearly community events, sponsorship opportunities and development workshops
  • Exclusive tools and resources (e.g., toolkits, recruiting resources, best practices, white papers, etc.)
  • A diverse, qualified candidate talent pool to diversify your workforce
Increased visibility and brand recognition through:
  • Our online directory and member/partner spotlight features
  • Online print and social media promotions
  • Guest speaking engagements

Coalition Committee Review

Once a formal application is submitted by an organization, the Coalition Committee will review the submitted application and set up an informal meet and greet (virtual or in person) with the appropriate representatives from the organization. After reviewing the submitted application and any information gained during the informal meet and greet, an official vote is cast by the Coalition Committee. The organization will be notified of their application status 2 weeks after the Committee’s official vote is cast.

All coalition Committee members have voting privileges. Decisions made by the Committee will require a quorum, or a majority of members. In the unlikely event a decision cannot be reached, the Committee sponsor will provide a final decision.

Apply to Join DiversifyDSM

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* Recipient organization and/or individual agrees to allow DiversifyDSM to utilize any photos or videos in DiversifyDSM promotional marketing, advertising or online channels. Applications will are reviewed on a regular basis and coalition votes occur on a monthly basis. Upon reaching a formal decision, the requester of the application will be notified.