Step 1: Initiate and Complete Reservation

The down payment user at the member financial institution must log-in through eAdvantage to initiate the reservation process. Additional users can be added to DP Online by your systems E-Administrator. Steps to complete this process can be found in the eAdvantage/DP Online Access Manual.

Before initiating a new reservation in DP Online, you will need to complete the Income Calculation Workbook using the AHP DP Income Calculation Guidelines (revised Workbook and Guidelines will be available here April 1). You must compare the household’s annual income to the appropriate HUD or NAHASDA Income Limits to determine eligibility. The income limits can be accessed from the Banks website. The income limits eligibility must be no more than 80 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) using the higher of HUD County or State Guidelines, or NAHASDA Guidelines.

• Note: To complete a previously initiated Reservation, click on the Reservation ID number in the dashboard.

A Technical Assistance Guide is available for navigation instructions and steps to complete the Reservation.