It Takes A Village To Create Sustained Institutional Change

last updated on Friday, October 11, 2019 in General

This article is part of a series of op-eds by CEOs of companies participating in CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, the largest CEO-led business coalition focused on advancing diversity and inclusion in the country. 

Written by Mike Wilson, President & CEO, FHLB Des Moines

At the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, we often speak of strengthening communities. This premise is centered on the idea that the work we do for our members, as a cooperatively owned wholesale bank, enables them to build up their own neighborhoods and connections. But what exactly happens when the strength and foundation of a community empowers those who work and live there?

I believe this kind of convergence is the cornerstone for real progress when it comes to diversity and inclusion. D&I must be a community-wide initiative. No one company, no matter how successful its internal diversity and inclusion efforts are, will see sustained institutional change if the community at large is not diverse and inclusive. 

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