Documents Required for Disbursement

  1. All first-time homebuyers: copy of the homebuyer education course class certificate(s). Both homebuyer and co-buyer will need to take the course and complete the documentation if they are on title and first-time homebuyers.
  2. Final Mortgage Closing Disclosure or applicable settlement statement for 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage if applicable.
  3. Certificate of Borrower Eligibility signed by the member. This document is created within the DP Online system from information collected on previous screens.
    • Note: If the Adobe Reader error is received, please use the “Print PDF” link on the screen.
  4. Copy of Recorded Deed Restriction (Retention Agreement) for fee simple or Native Trust Lands and the executed Warranty Deed.
  5. If applicable, Repair/Rehab Worksheet combined with documentation of payment (provide as one PDF).
    • Note: All funds for Rehab/Repair must be distributed through escrow as reflected on the final Closing Disclosure. Unused escrow must be paid to loan principal.
  6. If applicable, Property Inspection Report demonstrating completion of rehabilitation.