A wet-ink signed, hard copy of an original promissory note can be converted to an eNote.


  • An eNote must be originated electronically, signed electronically, be stored in an eVault and have a tamper evident seal.
  • Defined in the MISMO® eMortgage Glossary as: An Electronic Record under ESIGN and UETA that (1) would be a Promissory Note under the Uniform Commercial Code if the Electronic Record were in writing; (2) the issuer of the Electronic Record expressly has agreed is a Transferable Record; and (3) for purposes of ESIGN, relates to a loan secured by real property. A Transferable Record is also referred to as an eNote. (Refer to Section 16 of UETA and in Title II, Section 201 of E-SIGN.)
  • An image of a wet signed note is NOT an eNote.