Who is Prudent Man Advisors?

Prudent Man Advisors, Inc. is an SEC registered investment adviser which provides investment advisory services to local government investment pools and separate accounts.  Prudent Man Advisors and its affiliates, PMA Financial Network, Inc., and PMA Securities, Inc. (collectively “PMA”), currently serve over 1,450 school districts and other public entities in nine states. PMA Funding, which provides funding solutions to financial institutions, is a service of PMA Financial Network, Inc. and PMA Securities, Inc. The PMA companies have built a reputation as a reliable, professional financial organization offering unique products and services for public sector clients. PMA prides itself on employing “best practices” in its delivery systems. Public entities turn to PMA as a trusted partner and an integral component of their long-term financial success. PMA believes that a well-defined and prudently disciplined investment strategy is a public entity’s best approach. In fact, the concept of prudence is embedded in PMA’s core philosophy and is reflected in its name, an acronym for “Prudent Man Analysis.” In addition to prudence, PMA follows the guiding principle of “safety first, liquidity second, yield third.”

Public entities/LGIPs which PMA serve share one common investment objective: safety of principal. Therefore, maintaining a high level of credit quality is central to PMA’s investment recommendations. PMA’s strategy is to create sound portfolios with investments that have low-risk characteristics. Please Click here for credit requirements.

Prudent Man Advisor Affiliated LGIPs

Prudent Man Advisor affiliated LGIPs are typically established as a common law trust organized pursuant to the specific state statute. They are created to provide professional investment services to school districts, Community College Districts, Educational entities, and municipalities to enhance investment opportunities at a reasonable cost. Most LGIPs offer their participants multiple professionally managed portfolios which offer competitive money market rates. It is common for LGIPs to be sponsored by school and municipal associations. The associations recognize the LGIP model as being powerfully and uniquely suited to the needs of public entities – providing the ideal mix of safety, liquidity, and yield. LGIPs are typically a joint powers entity to permit participants to pool their investment funds to seek the highest possible investment yield, while maintaining liquidity and preserving capital. Management of the affairs of a LGIP is the responsibility of the Board elected by the Participants of the LGIP. The Board oversees the actions of the Investment Advisor, the Administrator, the Custodian and the Distributor and decides on general policies. The Board is comprised of representatives of various Participants of the LGIP as well as representatives of the participating associations, if applicable.    

For additional information on specific participating LGIPs, contact Prudent Man Advisors at 630.657.6560.

PFM Affiliated LGIPs

Request Deposit/CD - PFM Group at 717.234.3006

Request Deposit/CD - PFM Group at 717.234.3006