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Strengthening Communities Together

In an effort to support the Bank’s public policy mission, a non-partisan public policy network – Strengthening Communities Together (SCT) – was formed to bring together individuals and organizations that have a shared belief in the importance of strong communities supported by the FHLBank System and its member financial institutions. SCT encourages supporters to be advocates with policymakers for the continuation of a safe and sound FHLBank System.

Whether you are a member of FHLB Des Moines, a non-profit organization or an individual who has benefited from a member financial institution, joining the SCT network provides you with valuable information and the opportunity to strengthen your community. To learn more or to join SCT, visit www.fhlbforcommunity.com.

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We’re excited to announce that on June 1, 2015, we launched a refreshed public website and Members Site. These refreshed sites still offer access to the same great information, plus some new educational resources and more. To help you better understand some of the changes we’ve implemented, we’ve put together a few visual guides to help you navigate both sites. Take a look by clicking the links below.

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