Putting your Institution in the Driver's Seat

posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 in Mortgage Partnership Finance

Dan Mahlum, Senior Vice President, Mortgage Product Group

Our industry is no stranger to change. In fact, we know as mortgage professionals, change is probably one of the most consistent attributes within our line of work. From unpredictable market swings, buyer trends, regulatory considerations and more, we strive to keep our institutions adaptable and agile every step of the way.

In 2016, we examined how we at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines engage with you – our trusted partners – and identified an opportunity to streamline and innovate our process. A dedicated Mortgage Product Group was born with the goal of providing a team of industry experts to help your institution thrive through the Mortgage Partnership Finance® program. We want you to have access to knowledgeable, easily available professionals who help with your specific needs.

When the group was created, we assessed the member/Participating Financial Institution experience related to everything from sales to application to training to becoming and remaining active within the MPF® program. We were on a mission to figure out how best to engage with you – our members - and how to serve you most effectively. Through this assessment, we found the core program and products to be attractive.  However, the process to become and remain active within the program was cumbersome, convoluted and disjointed. We knew we had to create something fresh and different, keeping you at the forefront of our process.

In partnership with Marketing Communications, we embarked on a project to redesign the entire experience.  We used a tool called The Customer Journey to map the member experience, from beginning to end.  We identified every touchpoint, the individuals involved, and the information or support needed during each event or phase of the process.  Then, we restructured the Mortgage Product Group processes and metrics to align with the new, desired member experience.

Our newly designed online hub is the product of this redesign. We have provided you with a one-stop location to understand the process easily, access forms and documents necessary to get signed up for the program and provide on-demand access to online training modules and materials for initial program education as well as on-going active PFI support. The new online hub is a simpler way for you to interact with our MPF® program. The mortgage industry is ever-changing; therefore, our team looks forward to continuously finding easier, innovative routes for you while supporting your current needs.


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