Wire Transfer Services

Both incoming and outgoing wire transfers are available from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (CT) Monday through Friday.

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FHLB Des Moines provides a comprehensive wire transfer service that allows members to execute wire transfer transactions through their Demand Deposit or Daily Time Account. Our simple, efficient and secure wire transfer service saves members valuable time and expense.

Incoming Wire Transfers Should Be

  • Wired To: Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines - ABA #073000914
  • Credit To: Member Institution′s Name
  • Acct #: Member Institution′s DDA/DT Number

Foreign Wire Transfers

FHLB Des Moines complies with the Office of Foreign Asset regulation. The Bank will continue to process foreign wire transfers, in U.S. currency only, for the benefit of our members and their customers. However, we are unable to provide remittance detail information as required by Regulation E, International Consumer Remittance Rule. Please refer to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website www.consumerfinance.gov for information on requirements.

Repetitive and Non-Repetitive Wire Transfers

If your institution is interested in repetitive wire transfers, please email a completed copy of the Repetitive Wire Request Form (below) to our Member Service Team at memberservices@fhlbdm.com. Repetitive wires may be initiated over the phone or through eAdvantage. Please note, that the dollar amount of a repetitive wire may change each time your institution initiates the item, but all other information must remain consistent. An individual with wire authority identified on your Authorized Personnel Form must sign the form before submitting it to FHLB Des Moines and will be verified with a second authorized individual. All non-repetitive outgoing wire transfers require verification by a second authorized individual within your institution prior to the release of funds by FHLB Des Moines.

Wire Transfer Forms