Unique Funding Opportunity

Act before March 15th to take advantage of these discounted rates.

Through Monday, March 15, 2021, FHLB Des Moines will offer a unique funding opportunity on 1-, 3- and 5-year long-term, fixed-rate, non-amortizing advances.* 

Term UFO Rate Dividend Savings Dividend Adjusted Rate**
1 year 0.34% 22 bps. 0.12%
3 years 0.58% 22 bps. 0.36%
5 years 1.02% 22 bps. 0.80%

Updated 3/4/2021

*Normal FHLB Des Moines credit, collateral, stock and prepayment requirements apply. Subject to funding availability. The Bank may discontinue this offer at any time without notice. $250 million limit per member through March 15, 2021 or until the offering is terminated. This discount is not available on community investment advances, symmetrical advances, forward-starting fixed rate advances and advance restructuring transactions.

*** The dividend adjusted rate is an approximation based off of our current stock requirement and current dividend payment. This is an approximation only. For alternative dividend adjusted calculations, please consider using our dividend calculator. These calculations are indications only.

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In order to take advantage of this unique funding opportunity members must contact the Money Desk.


Not sure if this opportunity is right for you?

Your dedicated Relationship Manager has the tools and resources to help you examine the pros and cons of this opportunity. Together, you can evaluate how these discounted rates, along with our dividend, can reduce the "all-in" cost of an advance.