On the Record with Bill Bemis - Episode 2

posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 in General

Hello and thank you for joining us for the November edition of “On the Record”, a monthly podcast production of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines. This is your host, John Biestman, Senior Relationship Manager.

In addition to our companion podcast “FHLB Des Moines Insider”, which we have produced since June, we are pleased to continue with this new series, “On the Record”.

In this series, we sit down with specialists from the Bank as well as subject matter experts in such areas as: capital markets, economics, balance sheet management and much more.

For this month’s “On the Record” episode, we’ll be conversing with FHLB Des Moines Chief Capital Markets Officer, Bill Bemis. We’ll gain some interesting insights on the Federal Home Loan Bank system is funded, along with a front-line view of liquidity and interest rates.

First, some background on Bill. Bill has been with FHLB Des Moines since 2013 and oversees the Bank’s treasury and portfolio strategy functions. In addition to developing and implementing financial strategies, Bill manages the Bank’s balance sheet and product pricing. He received his undergraduate degree from University of Nebraska and his MBA from University of Iowa. Among his passions are a good game of tennis and our shared belief that nothing worth listening to has appeared on the music scene since 1980!


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