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J. Benson Porter


J. Benson Porter

J. Benson Porter, the Board’s chair, has served as president and CEO of Boeing Employees’ Credit Union (BECU), a not-for-profit financial corporation in Tukwila, Washington, since April 2012. Prior to joining BECU in April 2012, he served as president and CEO of First Tech Credit Union in Palo Alto, California, from February 2007 to March 2012. He also served in several positions at Washington Mutual Bank, most recently as executive vice president and chief administrative officer, from May 1996 to February 2007. Mr. Porter has also held positions as regulatory counsel at Key Bank and as staff director for the Washington State Senate Banking Committee. He is a former director of FHLB San Francisco and is currently a member of the board of CO-OP Financial Services and the board of CU Direct. Mr. Porter was elected to the Seattle Bank’s board from the state of Washington in 2012 and served on the Seattle Bank’s board until the Merger in 2015. Mr. Porter’s knowledge of financial management and strategic planning, and his leadership and management skills, as indicated by his background, support his qualifications to serve on our Board of Directors. He currently serves as chair of the Executive and Governance Committee.

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